Welcome to Sun Valley Pomskies!
We are a small  family owned and operated Pomsky breeder located 15 minutes outside of Sun Valley, Idaho.

Pomskies are the perfect companion dogs and we strive to produce healthy, loving, and well tempered Pomskies!

We are a proud member of the International Pomsky Association & the Pomsky Owners Association! We stand by and adhere to their Code of Ethics


All member breeders of this club must agree to be bound by our code of ethics, in the interest of doing our best by our dogs, our breed, and our sports.

  • I agree to be honest in my dealings, disclosing all information that I have about a dog or pedigree, including concerns about health, temperament, or husbandry.
  • I agree to breed no dog that has not been cleared by a veterinarian as sound, healthy, and safe to breed. I will breed no dog younger than a year under any circumstances, regardless of veterinary opinion.
  • I agree to follow my veterinarian’s recommendations for health testing and vaccionation share those recommendations and results with anyone who asks.
  • I agree to do my best to learn and grow as a breeder by studying scientific sources and resources available to all breeds and breeders.
  • I agree to provide humane, appropriate care for my dogs, including meeting their physical, mental, emotional, medical and nutritional needs. I understand that any conviction of abuse or neglect of animals will void my membership in this club.
  • I agree to do my utmost to bring only puppies into this world who will have a lifetime of love, screening homes and making sure they are an appropriate fit for my puppies. In the event that one of my puppies is unable to stay in their original home, I will ensure that they return to me or are placed in a new responsible home; I will not allow any dog of my breeding to be euthanized in a shelter.
  • I agree to do everything in my power to produce happy, healthy dogs with sound bodies and temperaments. I agree to give my puppy buyers a health guarantee of no less than one year, which includes a refund or replacement, and I will discuss the conditions under which a refund or replacement would be given directly with buyers. I will strongly recommend or require that all puppy buyers have their puppy examined by a veterinarian within 48 hours of arriving home as a precautionary measure.
  • I will not engage in breeding for wholesale. Under no circumstances will I sell a puppy through a retail pet sales outlet (ie pet store) or third party of any sort.